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Bill Parrott

 Bill Parrott - Fifth Grade

I graduated high school in Los Angeles in 1971 and then achieved an AA degree from Los Angeles Pierce College. I then took about 35 years off my education career. About 7 years ago I went back to school and achieved a Bachelor of Education degree from Liberty University and followed that up with a Master in Education degree from Old Dominion University.

I lived my first nine years in Houston until my family moved to Los Angeles in 1962. I have been married to my beautiful wife Lisa for 37 years. I am the youngest of three boys and the Good Lord saw fit to bless me with four daughters – and I love it! My favorite thing in life is being a husband and father and I am officially listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “World’s Most Blessed Dad.” During the 35 years away from my education path I wore a number of occupational hats at the same time. I was the director of children’s activities at Bel Air Presbyterian Church for 30 years. I spent a couple of decades in software programming and support while running a home construction business with my wife on the side. The most rewarding times for me have always been spent with kids in an environment where I can share my love for Jesus and talk with them about the things of faith. Writing and recording songs about the Lord is a passion dear to my heart. Lisa and I spend our Sunday mornings at Cross Sound church on Bainbridge Island.

It has been said that the gospel is “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread” and that is what motivates me to work with students. The God of the universe came on a rescue mission to save me (a beggar) from my sin, and my highest calling is to invite kids to know and love the God who saves.

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